Information for the VIRTUAL ARENA booking system

Some information is necessary to set up the VIRTUAL ARENA booking system. Please answer the following questions so that the system can be set up for you. Filling in the questionnaire will take about 10-15 min . It is divided into 7 sections and consists of a total of 44 questions. The entered data will then be sent to the following email address.

Thank you very much!

Information on the VIRTUAL ARENA booking system

Information about your company

General information about your company that is published on the booking system website, e.g. in the legal notice. For existing company websites, the company details can be taken from the legal notice and do not need to be mentioned separately here, provided a link to the legal notice is provided.
Do you already have an imprint (e.g. on your existing company website) whose data also applies to the VIRTUAL ARENA?
Country in which the company is located:
Does the small business regulation apply to your company?
Note: The small business regulation for VAT exemption can be claimed by smaller companies in accordance with UStG §19 (Germany) or UStG §6 (Austria). This information is necessary for the correct reporting of VAT.
Which legal form does your company have?

Information about your VIRTUAL ARENA

General information about your VIRTUAL ARENA, which is published on the booking system website.
Country in which the VIRTUAL ARENA is located:
If different from previous entries: Email address, telephone and fax number (if available) where customers can reach the arena operator:
Note: Legally, it is mandatory to provide at least an email address and a telephone number where customers can contact the operator, e.g. if they have questions or wish to cancel a booking.

Opening hours

In which periods can games be booked regularly? E.g. 9am-6pm, 9am-12pm & 2pm-8pm
Note: You can specify public holidays and special opening times yourself later in the system.

Information about your VIRTUAL ARENA offer

Duration of a game in your VIRTUAL ARENA:
Note: Standard: 30 min. (15 min. briefing, 15 min. playing)
Note: Please state ticket name, duration (if different from standard), min. - max. number of persons, total price per group. e.g. "Family Kombo max. 4 persons, 30 min., 2-4 persons, 45 CHF".
Note: e.g. "Family Kombo Ticket: max. 2 adults, max. 3 children under 15 years"

Information on the booking process

Should appointments be booked automatically by customers or should each appointment be approved manually?
Note: Appointments are only blocked in the system after approval. Appointments that have not yet been released may be requested by other customers.
For how many days in advance can appointments be booked?
Note: E.g. 1 year (default setting), half a year, 1 month, ...
What is the minimum period before a booking?
Note: Describes the lead time you need before customers can start a game after booking, e.g. 0 min., 30 min., 24h, 3 days, ... (Recommendation: 0 min. if the arena is permanently occupied by the operators during opening hours).
What is the minimum period before a customer cancels an appointment?
Note: E.g. 0 min., 30 min., 24h, 3 days, ...
What is the minimum period before a customer reschedules an appointment?
Note: E.g. 0 min., 30 min., 24h, 3 days, ...
Should customers have to provide a telephone number during the booking process?
Note: Full name, address and e-mail address are requested by default.
How can customers pay for booked tickets?
Note: for Stripe, the operating company of the Virtual Arena must create a business account/account with Stripe. Fees are charged for each payment and can be viewed on the Stripe website.

Information on booking management

Should vouchers be offered?

Information for the website

We need the following information for the booking page. You can find an example here:
In which languages should the booking system be offered?
Note: Standard: German and English
What is the headline of the teaser text?
Note: At you can see how the page will look later and where the heading will appear.
What is the teaser text of the page?
Do you have your own VIRTUAL ARENA video that you would like to integrate?
Note: Standard: "On site in the VIRTUAL ARENA you can choose between the games Snow Battle, Laser Tag, Wild West, Mini Block Towers or Zero Gravity Tennis. All games are generally suitable for children aged 7 and over and are non-violent, but require parental consent. In principle, games can only be played if the safety instructions are signed on site by an accompanying adult. Unaccompanied persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the VIRTUAL ARENA. The pure playing time is 15 minutes (5 rounds of 3 minutes each). Including the briefing and short breaks, a total of approx. 30 minutes should be allowed for. The games can be booked every half hour."
Note: Standard: "You can make a reservation via this website in the "Ticket Reservation & Purchase" section. Please note that a reservation is binding and must be canceled via at least 24 hours before no-show. Payment can be made online or on site by card. We accept Maestro, Mastercard, VISA, V-Pay, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Cash payment is also possible on site."

Other notes